Have you ever been sitting in a meeting trying to figure out what you have missed? Does it seem like everyone else in the room knows exactly how to navigate the situation and play to their individual strengths? This is the game of Corporate America and its plethora of unwritten rules. For over a decade, I didn't know the rules. Heck, in those early years, I didn't even know I was playing a game. But now after almost twenty years, I know both the rules and how to make them work to your advantage. You have always been smart enough, good enough, savvy enough. You just haven’t been given the tools you need to succeed. And in competitive environments, it's rare to find a colleague or manager who will give you these tools willingly. That's where I come in!

Your time is now.

Are you aching for a breakthrough?

to be seen for the BADASS
you truly are?

do you want...

constantly trying to figure out how to navigate corporate politics and invisible games?

are you...

that you are struggling to advance either in project assignments, promotions, or raise?

do you find...

is this for You?

— Aimee

"Now I have strategies for growing into the leader I aspire to be, while still being true to who i am and working in a way that brings me joy and fulfillment"

step three

At the conclusion of the week, we will come together as a small group and discuss the learning takeaways, clarify any questions, and begin with coaching. One participant will be coached through their individual application each week. 
 Each student is guaranteed live coaching for at least one module. 


step two

I ask that throughout the week, you identify times or situations that could fit within the learning objectives. You can complete the lesson however you want - there is nothing here to turn in.
This is solely your work for you!


step one

 At the beginning of each week, you will receive a pre-recorded video lesson (from me) with a learning topic and various ways in which it could be implemented. This isn't high level philosophy. It's the nitty gritty details that translate to success. 

The assignment

How the masterclass works:

your mission should you
choose to accept...

You Gotta do the thing

we're in it together

Students will walk away with tangible plans and strategies which can be implemented immediately to help achieve their goals.These are lifelong tools that can be drawn upon indefinitely for both personal and professional matters. 

let's do this!

Tangible tools & a strategic plan to start achieving your goals today!

you'll leave with:

6 Weeks of Advanced Learning

Live Weekly Coaching Calls

Tools & Templates for Implementation

Lifetime Coaching Access at the Discounted Rate



— Aimee

"Megan's encouragement and strategic advice have been transformative for me."

—  Martha

"I couldn't believe all the ways I was holding myself back.
Not anymore!"

— Dr. Arameh

Navigating race and gender in the workplace, especially within academia is an important leadership skill. Understanding corporate politics not only requires a heightened level of emotional intelligence but it also needs a "Megan" - someone who is committed to YOUR success. Working with Megan has been such a positive experience because she has helped me grow my confidence in how I communicate what I bring to the table."


5 stars all around

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